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Dennis Priebe Plumbing...THE original Priebe Plumbing of the Coulee Region and your Plumbing Specialist. Some other plumbing companies in the area also do heating & air conditioning. We ONLY do plumbing - in fact, it is our specialty!

  • Ability: Established in 1948, we have nearly 70 years of Plumbing Experience.
  • Honesty: We Will Quote You a Price, in your home BEFORE We Do Any Work.
  • Discounts: We Offer Several Valuable Discounts to All Customers.
  • Guarantee: We Offer An Above Average Material & Labor Guarantee.

We pride ourselves on providing the most professional service possible. Our clean, friendly & knowledgeable staff are guaranteed to impress you. Make us your first call and we will take good care of you and your home!

Dennis Priebe Plumbing


All That You Expect & MORE!

Bubble Toilets - Installation & Repair
Bubble Bathtub - Installation
Bubble Exterior Hydrants-Installation & Repair
Bubble Garbage Disposals-Installation & Repair
Bubble Water Heaters-Installation & Repair
Bubble Water Softeners-Installation

Bubble Sewer & Drain Cleaning
Bubble Sinks-Installation
Bubble Faucets-Installation & Repair
Bubble Remodeling
Bubble New Construction
Bubble SO Much More!

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